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Music has the ability to move one's emotions in ways that no other art form can. Sound is very powerful. Harmony, melody and rhythm are all governed by the laws of proportion. A perfect fifth, for example, is the ratio of 2:3 of the frequencies of the two notes. If a note of 440 Hz is played together with another at 660 Hz then they relate as a perfect fifth like the interval C-G or G-D or F#-C#. Likewise rhythm is the proportion of time intervals and sound the same despite the tempo. And a melody is recognizable no matter what key it's in. The proportion of the notes' frequencies is what remains constant. This is similar to a visual object being recognizable due to its proportions no matter what its size is. The underlying mathematics of art is interesting. Often art is made within this framework.

An early musical experience was to hear "She loves you" by the Beatles. It moved my romantic little soul. The Beatles, and many more, have inspired me to write songs myself.

Here are full length tracks from two albums, Here on Earth and Nextus. There is also an additional 16 songs in English and Swedish.

Lyrics and chords to Here on Earth and the lyrics to all my songs are also here.

Here on Earth - 14 songs
Nextus - 14 songs
Other Songs in English and Swedish - 16 songs
Lyrics and Chords to Here on Earth
Complete collection of song lyrics by Ulf Enhörning
Full repertoire of cover and original songs - 191 songs

   H  E  R  E    O  N    E  A  R  T  H

 CD back cover


Here on Earth is a collection of 14 original songs about love of all types - lost, found, unfound, flirtatious, and deadly serious.
They were all written with my guitar in various places, a park in Victoria, BC (My Name, Corner of my Eye) on a beach in Florida (Gypsy Queen) or in my apartment I was currently living in (Halleluley, Walking Feet).

Some of them were later arranged with music software. Most of the tracks were recorded in my cabin-studio on Salt Spring Island in 2001/02. The songs with only guitar, voice and harmonica are marked with an asterisk

  Lyrics and Chords to Here on Earth
 Click to listen to full length tracks:
Corner of my Eye  4:29 lyrics and chords
Can't find You  3:25 lyrics and chords
Gone Away 4:32 lyrics and chords
Gypsy Queen  5:51 lyrics and chords
Min Vän 3:03 lyrics and chords
Halleluley  4:49 lyrics and chords
Here on Earth  3:26 lyrics and chords
Happy Song * 5:47 lyrics and chords
Walking Feet * 4:57 lyrics and chords
Anna Belle  2:42 lyrics and chords
Roxy * 4:27 lyrics and chords
Guitar 3:06 lyrics and chords
My Name * 4:20 lyrics and chords
Love in this Room * 4:10 lyrics and chords

Complete collection of song lyrics by Ulf Enhörning

   N  E  X  T  U  S

Nextus is a collection of electronic music composed and recorded with computer software. The first three pieces are the
most recent.
Some of the earlier pieces
were produced when I studied electronic music at the University of Victoria in BC, Canada. There I wrote Computer Aided
Music Composition software, CAMC.

The software would "compose" melodies and and harmonic progressions based upon musical rules that the user defines. Camc #1, Floorteen, Journey to the Ocean and Tunnel were all partially written using this software. They are marked with an asterisk

 Click to listen to full length tracks:

Try it  3:33
Let's do it  5:59
Nextus 3:54
Drifting Dark  4:03
Indi Rave 3:48
Points of Passion 3:12
Tunnel * 3:59
War of Words 2:18
Lost Stars 5:32
Journey to the Ocean * 3:35
Roxxie 4:21
Floorteen * 2:26
Camc #1 * 1:45
Neptune Descending 6:02

   O  T  H  E  R    S  O  N  G  S

Most of the following songs were recorded in a studio with just voice, guitar and harmonica. These pieces are marked with an asterisk *.

 Click to listen to full length tracks:

Songs in English:
My Favourite Song * 4:43 lyrics
Blowin' in my Sail * 3:17 lyrics
One Day * 3:17 lyrics
It is Me * 4:42 lyrics
Time has no mercy * 4:03 lyrics
Ghost in my house 2:01 lyrics
Sealed Secrets * 5:29 lyrics
Isle of Paradise * 3:38 lyrics
Songs in Swedish:
Naturesplanad * 2:09 lyrics
Vill du Älska? 3:21 lyrics
Vid Söderhav 2:39 lyrics
Gamla Stan 2:45 lyrics
Vi är en, Vi är två 3:07 lyrics
Bli Fri 2:55 lyrics
Va med mig 2:56 lyrics
Ett ögonblick * 3:18 lyrics
All music and lyrics were written by Ulf Enhörning. All rights reserved.

me and my guitar, Uppsala, 2007.